A YES vote on #2 means an immediate cut of 40% to our libraries' budget, locked in for 20 years.

Libraries are essential for many New Orleanians - the unhoused, those that do not have access to the internet, the elderly, families and children.

Libraries are for everyone. Our local libraries have high comparable usage to other cities.

This millage rate has already been reduced twice, from 4 mills in 1987 to the current rate, 2.85 last year. The library already does so much with less.

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“These are unique times with unprecedented challenges. The libraries have an important role to play ensuring that all citizens can benefit from economic development. Neighborhood libraries are uniquely positioned to connect all New Orleanians to critical resources that enable them to not just survive, but to craft productive and fulfilling lives.”

— Amy Hubbell

A NO vote on #2 saves our library funding for the next year

A NO vote can save library workers’ jobs. A YES vote will mean furloughs and layoffs starting in January

“Libraries are a vital public institution, providing citizens of all ages access to knowledge, entertainment, and community. They are a cornerstone of a healthy city ... we are facing enormous challenges, but we need to spread our resources equitably across all of departments, not single out some for demolition”

— Andrew Strenio

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Not only is it important to vote NO on #2, but it’s important to let others know why you’re voting NO!

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